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Re: Option Options

>One thing I think that would be nice to get put into the 3.0 release is
>the option naming cleanup that Zefram (I believe) is working on.

I'm not actually working on it at the moment.  I decided to wait until
after the 3.0 release before making functional changes like this.  But
if the consensus is in favour, it's really quite easy to produce a

>I also like the idea that Bart has espoused of having little or no options
>show up in setopt's output if the shell is running in a default manner.
>The following patch will undoubtedly be controversial, but it changes the
>(un)setopt commands to take into account if this option is on by default
>in the current emulation mode.

That's going to break things.  Sometimes one *wants* a list of all
options -- not least in the completion for {un,}setopt.  If this change
is to be made, other things will have to change too.  This definitely
should wait.

Not that I'm implacably opposed to the idea -- I just think that such a
radical change to the behaviour of existing builtins in the default
case is a bad move right before a production release.


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