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Re: bug in zsh 3.0-pre6?

> I didn't get any lossage ... the problem appears to be that Zoltan
> is sending out
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
> which isn't necessary (his message is all 7bit) but which causes "smart"
> ESMTP agents to convert to quoted-printable when gatewaying to an old
> SMTP (not 8-bit-clean) agent.
> Zoltan didn't do the encoding; it happened along the way somewhere.
> But Zoltan could have prevented it by using 7bit as his C-T-E, if he
> has that level of control over his mail client.

There was a letter `é' in the message I quoted.  My mail client
(elm-2.4ME+) scans the message for characters with 8th bit set and if it
finds one it automatically uses 8bit, quoted-printable or base64 encoding
(it uses quoted-printable only if I tell it during compile time that my MTA
does not support 8bit, and it uses base64 if more the percentage of 8th bit
set characters is high).

When I read a message, quoted-printable or base64 is seemlessly converted
on the fly by elm.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author