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Re: bug in zsh 3.0-pre6?

>When I read a message, quoted-printable or base64 is seemlessly converted
>on the fly by elm.

That's odd, with the Elm I use the seam is so big I was compelled to
disable the conversion.  (It invokes metamail, which, not to put too
fine a point on it, sucks rocks.)  But regardless of the method of
display, the message as stored in the mail folder is mangled, and
that's what matters when trying to apply the patch.

But anyway, it's clear that Zoltan is not to blame for this particular
instance of MIME-manglement, and I wish I'd never started this thread.
(I shall simply carry on being annoyed by the occasional message until
I get around to writing a filter to interpret quoted-printable.
metamail doesn't have the capability -- it drops the headers at least,
and can do worse, and I hate to think what it would do with invalid


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author