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Re: History list fix

> By the way, there's another fix of mine for a traditional bug, namely
> the bogus `permission denied' error when trying to execute a
> non-existent programme with an unreadable directory somewhere in the
> path, which seems to have gone missing.

I did not find it.  I think I accidently deleted it because I thought that
I already merged it.  Cound you send it again to me?

An other question, is your fc fix work without the previous HISTIGNOREDUPS
patch?  I'd like to release 3.0.0 today or at least tomorrow (it's
Wednesday 1 am) and I'd like to add bugfixes only and perhaps some POSIX
compatibility patches.  3.0-pre6 seems to be quite bug-free (but it's just
because everyone is on holiday :-)).  The slow refresh on NeXT may be a
problem but I have absolutely no idea what can cause that.  It seems to be
an OS problem since the whole prompt is printed with one fwrite command.
Other than that I've found only one serious problem that zsh did not save
the history correctly on timeout, and dumped core when all memory debugging
was enabled but it was easy to fix (that bug was there befere 2.5 I think).

There is an other refresh bug which I reported a few months ago that in an
xterm when I type a multiline command like

% for i in *

and later bring it back from the history using up-line-or-history and
copy/paste the do/done lines, the result is do<spaces>done instead of

On Friday I'll go for an other one-week holiday :-).


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