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Re: Old messages

Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:
:> By the way, there's another fix of mine for a traditional bug, namely
:> the bogus `permission denied' error when trying to execute a
:> non-existent programme with an unreadable directory somewhere in the
:> path, which seems to have gone missing.
:I did not find it.  I think I accidently deleted it because I thought that
:I already merged it.  Cound you send it again to me?

People who *need* older zsh messages (from the math.gatech.edu lists) can get
them from	 http://www.primenet.com.au/zsh/

They are in gzip'ed tar files grouped by message number.
eg.  01xx.tgz   contains messages 100-199
The more recent ones (which don't complete a set) are as individual files.

There are a few missing.  For whatever odd reasons I never received them.

Please don't go too heavy on this site unless you need the articles as I
only have a 64k link (which is why I haven't set it up as an easily browsible
site).  Maybe someone else wants to do it on theirs?

I haven't bothered with the stuff from sterling.com list since it's probably
past its used-by date and gone old and moldy (and probably still on sterling).
Geoff Wing [mason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]   PrimeNet - Internet Consultancy

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