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Re: Old messages

> Please don't go too heavy on this site unless you need the articles as I
> only have a 64k link (which is why I haven't set it up as an easily browsible
> site).  Maybe someone else wants to do it on theirs?

If someone have a program which does threading and html conversion, works
without any user interaction and simple to install, I can install it here to
create an easily browsible www archive.  The Hungarian academic network has
a 1 Mbit link to Amsterdam and a 256 kbit link to Viena, which is usually
quite usable from Europe (I think that the outgoing badwich is not filled
completely).  The relyability of the US connection depends on the
Amsterdam-New York like.  Recently there has been some router problems in
New York which caused a lot of trouble.

There used to be a nice www archive wich is also mentioned in the FAQ on
http://www-stud.enst.fr/~tardieu/mailarchive/zsh-list/index.html but it
does not work recently.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author