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Re: zsh-3.0.0 installed in the US

** "TK" == Tom Kaczmarski <tkaczma@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

TK> On 16 Aug 1996, Andrew Cosgriff wrote:
ajc> That's odd.  Here, on Solaris 2.3, configure doesn't add an -lnsl to the
ajc> libraries to be linked in.  I reported this a few weeks back, but it
ajc> seems to still be happening.

TK> Solaris 2.3 is not a very good OS, really.  I'd upgrade to 2.5 or better
TK> yet directly to 2.51.

Well, I appreciate the comment, but it's hardly a solution to the problem,
since some of us can't go upgrading our OSes willy-nilly, and besides that,
zsh used to compile just fine before before the pre-3.0 releases.

Solaris 2.3 isn't *that* bad - we've got production systems using it quite
happily, and as much as i'd like to see them on 2.5.1, it hasn't made it into
our development schedules just yet.

(oh, and yes, i do have a few 2.5 and 2.5.1 machines, but i haven't tried
building zsh on them yet...)

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