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Re: zsh-3.0.0 installed in the US

On 20 Aug 1996, Andrew Cosgriff wrote:

> Well, I appreciate the comment, but it's hardly a solution to the problem,
> since some of us can't go upgrading our OSes willy-nilly, and besides that,
> zsh used to compile just fine before before the pre-3.0 releases.

Hmmmm, if you can't upgrade OSes "willy nilly" you probably shouldn't be 
upgradink shells by the same token.

> Solaris 2.3 isn't *that* bad - we've got production systems using it quite
> happily, and as much as i'd like to see them on 2.5.1, it hasn't made it into
> our development schedules just yet.

It takes a couple minutes per machine given that you have a fast CDROM.

> (oh, and yes, i do have a few 2.5 and 2.5.1 machines, but i haven't tried
> building zsh on them yet...)

It should go without a snag.  We don't have 2.5.1 yet because we haven't 
run into a need for it yet.  We'll probably upgrade sometime when we have 
nothing better to do. ;)  We != luc.edu.

I hope you find your answer;


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