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Re: Reliable zsh-3.0.0 core dump

On Aug 26,  1:59am, Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:
} Subject: Re: Reliable zsh-3.0.0 core dump
} > I can't get a core dump either if I use --enable-zsh-mem ... only with
} > the system malloc.  I hadn't tried zsh-mem before.
} Did you try --enable-zsh-{debug,mem{,-debug},secure-free}?

Yes; they produced no warnings, and of course the core dump didn't
happen even with nothing more than --enable-zsh-mem, so ...

} The patch below fixes a bug which may cause that.

No such luck.  I still get a core dump.

} While testing this I
} also discovered that pipe synchronization was really necessary.

Can you say a bit about why (and maybe add a comment to the code!)?

} > In the second case, the built-in alias of run-help to man expanded before
} > help was invoked; in the first case it did not.  I think it should be
} > consistent (and I think the first case is how it should work, i.e. don't
} > expand the alias, but that's less important).
} > 
} > Or is this intentional and simply not documented?
} It is half-intentional.  When the current word for completion is requested
} from the lexer alias expansion is disabled for that word which is good and
} reasonable.  The same mechanism is used by run-help.

I agree that alias expansion should be disabled for the current word; I
just think it should also be disabled for run-help no matter what word
is "current."  For run-help's purposes only the word in command position
is interesting.

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