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From: hoh@xxxxxxxxxx (Goran Larsson)
Subject: Bugs in 3.0.0
To: zsh-workers-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I've found the following bugs in 3.0.0:

	$ asdf
	zsh: correct 'asdf' to 'adb' [nyae]? _

	If a key other than nyae is pressed then a beep is
	heard and the key is erased. This, however, is broken
	when a control key or DEL is used, they leave a ^
	for each key pressed, like so:

	zsh: correct 'asdf' to 'adb' [nyae]? ^^^^^

	This simple patch fixes this:

- ---->8-------->8-------->8-------->8-------->8-------->8-------->8----
*** utils.c,DIST	Wed Aug 14 18:18:34 1996
- --- utils.c	Sun Sep  1 22:55:08 1996
*** 1150,1155 ****
- --- 1150,1157 ----
+ 	if (icntrl(c))
+ 	    write(2, "\b \b", 3);
  	write(2, "\b \b", 3);
      if (isem) {
- ---->8-------->8-------->8-------->8-------->8-------->8-------->8----

	 APROMPT='$ '
	$ _

	Note that any one character prompt is replaced by a space.

	Sometimes filename completion acts up. It is kind of hard
	to reproduce, but it goes something like this:

	$ setopt menu_complete
	$ setopt markdirs
	$ unsetopt autolist
	$ cd /a/path/x		(press TAB)
	$ cd /a/path/x1/	(notice beep, press ^D)
	x1 x2
	$ cd /a/path/x1/	(press space and ^H)
				(press TAB)
	$ cd /a/paty1		(press RETURN)
	cd: no such file or directory: /a/paty1

	The first file in x1 overwrote part of the already
	completed path, the expected result should have been
	 cd /a/path/x1/y1
	but the result is
	 cd /a/paty1
	I have been unable to create a testcase, but if the info
	hear is not enough to find the problem, I'll try harder.

- -- 
 Goran Larsson                        mailto:hoh@xxxxxxxxxx
 I was an atheist,                    http://home1.swipnet.se/%7Ew-12153
 until I found out I was God.

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