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Re: list-choices

On Oct 3,  2:12pm, Vinnie Shelton wrote:
> Subject: list-choices
> If I use automenu to complete a directory, how do I list the choices under
> that directory?  I thought ^D would work, and then I tried ESC ^D, but
> still no joy.
> I want to accept the current selection and move to the next layer down -

Amazing as it may seem, you want slash (/), or any other character that
interrupts the menu cycle, and then ctrl-D.  delete-char-or-list no longer
interrupts menu cycles (I don't recall how long this has been true).

If you have autoremoveslash set, typing a slash will interrupt the cycle
without actually adding a slash to the command line (this didn't work in
earlier versions; you used to get two slashes), and you can then proceed
with listing or whatever.

The way *I'd* really like it to work is for delete-char-or-list to show
me what's below abc/, but then continue cycling through the original menu
completion.  That is,

% vi ab<TAB>
abc  abd
% vi ab<TAB>		<-- Tab again to trigger automenu
% vi abc/<C-D>		<-- Hmm, show me what's in that directory
aaa  bbb  ccc		<-- Wrong, I wanted the directory containing "eee"
% vi abc/<TAB>		<-- Keep cycling the menu that autolist showed me
% vi abd/<C-D>		<-- Now show me what's in THAT directory
ddd  eee  fff		<-- Ok, abd/ is is the right one!
% vi abd/e<TAB>		<-- So now I can complete what I really wanted
% vi abd/eee

This seems to me to be somewhat more useful than having C-D show the menu
that is already in progress, which is the behavior right now, and FAR more
useful than having to interrupt the menu cycle and start over after finding
out that your first guess was wrong.

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