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Re: list-choices

>> I want to accept the current selection and move to the next layer down -
>Amazing as it may seem, you want slash (/), or any other character that
>interrupts the menu cycle, and then ctrl-D.  delete-char-or-list no longer
>interrupts menu cycles (I don't recall how long this has been true).

2.6-beta12.  One of my favourite new features, actually.

>The way *I'd* really like it to work is for delete-char-or-list to show
>me what's below abc/, but then continue cycling through the original menu
>completion.  That is,
>This seems to me to be somewhat more useful than having C-D show the menu
>that is already in progress, which is the behavior right now, and FAR more
>useful than having to interrupt the menu cycle and start over after finding
>out that your first guess was wrong.

That sounds like a very nice thing to have.  (In fact, there's already
some code for execute-named-command that displays a temporary list
while a menu completion may already be in progress -- this could be
moved into a separate function in zle_tricky.c and made a bit more
complete in order to implement this feature.)  But I wouldn't want this
sort of listing to be on the usual list-choices etc. keys: it's useful
to be able to explicitly display the list one is menuing through.  It
would have to be a new command.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author