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Re: Slightly changed copyright, new test release

Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:
> The PUSHD_CYCLE patch is not included now because a simple shell function
> was posted to the list which provides the same functionality.  Also I think
> that the PUSHD_CYCLE patch needs some revision when PUSHD_IGNORE_DUPS is
> not set.

meaning, the shell function provides NO_PUSHD_CYCLE.  From the second
sentence, I presume this is temporary, otherwise the function should
be supplied in the Functions directory with a note saying this is the
way to get the old behaviour.

> If you think I forgot a patch tell me as soon as possible.

My manual patch clarification of GLOB_ASSIGN and MAGIC_EQUAL_SUBST,
and the patch fixing the core dump with key bindings are still

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