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Re: bug fix for zsh 3.0.0

Keith Bostic wrote:
> Single capability strings in some termcap databases are bigger
> than 1K.

Show me an example.  A tercap string usually tells you things like how to
move the cursor to a given screen position.  This is never that big.  What
termcap feature has such a long string?

> I really saw a coredump in a previous version of zsh.
> The fix for that version was:
> 	-EXTERN char termbuf[1024];
> 	+EXTERN char termbuf[4096];

That's a completely different bug.  It caused problem when the _whole_
termcap database was long.  Your patch fixes a case where a single entry in
the database is more than 1024 bytes.  I still do not believe that such
termcap entries exist.  Note that zsh use only a given subset of the termcap
entries listed in globals.h in the tccapnams global array.  One of these
must be longer than 1024 bytes to get a coredump.  If one of these entries
is that long on your system it is probably better to disable it because
that is probably not the most optimal way to achieve that functionality.


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