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Re: bug with "compctl -L" in 3.0.1

Fung-Chai Lim wrote:
> Hi,
> Although I did a ``compctl -e disable'', ``compctl -L disable''
> returns ``compctl disable''.  So does ``compctl''.  This bug
> is in both versions 3.0.0 and 3.0.1.

The manual page says -e has no effect without -d, so on its own it's
completely ignored and not even stored: you would need -de (I don't
know why it was done like that).  However, since its function is to
show up commands even if they're already disabled (so you wouldn't
want to call disable with them), I doubt if it's quite what you want:
I should think ``compctl -c disable'' will probably be enough.  The
general idea seems to be: with no -d or -e, show only enabled
commands; with just -d, show disabled commands; with both -d and -e,
show all.

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