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Re: big key binding patch

>>Just to reiterate what I said yesterday, we should *not* use the patch
>>to bind the ANSI arrow key sequences in vi insert mode.  It is completely
>>the wrong thing to do, and actually causes more problems.
>I'm curious.... why?

Because vi doesn't bind them, and because <ESC> already has a meaning
that its use as a prefix would interfere with.

>                      And what happens if you bind them using bindkey?

It'll work as expected.

>Can we use other ESC-prefixed bindings in vi-insert mode?

Yes, just bind them using bindkey.

>My version of vi ("nvi 1.34") allows me to use the cursor keys during
>insert mode - with the obvious bindings: (output of :map!)

I also use nvi, and those bindings really piss me off.  Especially
because I can't disable them (except by hacking the source).

>  ^[OA  ^[ka  cursor up

Have you tried using this binding after you gave i a count?  Look at
what that binding does; it's a disgusting kludge.  In ZLE it wouldn't
be kludged, but it would still be wrong.


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