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Re: Job control under IRIX [5.3/6.2]

Ryan Dooley wrote:
> 	I just compiled Zsh 3.0.1 under IRIX 5.3 and 6.2 for the first
> time.  It compiled clean and "out-of-the-box".  I then just noticed some 
> strangeness with job control.
> 	babylon % netscape
> 	^C^Z
> 	...
> etc.

Check stty -a and make sure susp is ^z and intr is ^c.  I've seen some
funny things from time to time.  There's a bug, which may or may not be
related, reported some time ago that if you foreground a process using
less then quit with q that the settings are messed up.

Alternative possibility:  I've also seen problems between different minor
versions of IRIX, where job control only works on the one where it was
compiled.  If you're using the same zsh on both the systems that might
cause problems.

Otherwise, job control certainly works under IRIX 5.3.

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