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Re: Default option settings

> Also, Zoltan, I noticed you named the new beta as just zsh-3.1.0.
> You should probably call it something like zsh-3.1-beta1, or put
> it in a testing subdirectory.  I expect plenty of people will not
> realize it's a beta version.  Many people will not see that it's
> symlink'ed to zsh-beta and install it as a production version.

The beta status is mentioned at the very beginning of the README and in the
announcement.  The 3.1.0 version number has several advantages:

1. it is easier to parse from a script
2. it is now identical to the RCS branch revision number
3. it is compatible with the Linux version numbering :-)

I can rename the tar.gz distribution to something like
zsh-3.1.1-beta.tar.gz and leave the ZSH_VERSION variable as 3.1.1.

> (We all know there are plenty of incompetent sysadmins out there).

Yes, unfortunately :-((.  I know several Unix sysadmins who do not know
even the very basics of Unix.  But these sysadmins rarely try to install
zsh.  And even if they install, zsh-3.1.0 should be quite stable without
--enable-dynamic (it's not the default for exactly this reason).


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