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Re: Default option settings

> :I think that we should make the default zsh option settings more
> :user-frendly.  Here are my candidates which may be turned on by default:
> :Of course option settings are a question of taste.  Not everyone will like
> :it but I think most of us agree that the current defaults are quite
> :inconvinient.
> I have most of these set in my global zshrc, but one I don't support as a
> default option is NO_HUP.  If people know enough to want it, fine - but for
> the average user I don't believe it should be automatically enabled.
> If people exit/hang up, their programs should get a HUP signal.  That's
> the whole point of the system.  If they want to keep things around, they
> should use disown (like me) or set NO_HUP themselves.

I have to agree.  NO_HUP should not be on by default.  Too many of
my users log out and expect their apps to be killed for them.  But
the other options seem ok.

Also, Zoltan, I noticed you named the new beta as just zsh-3.1.0.
You should probably call it something like zsh-3.1-beta1, or put
it in a testing subdirectory.  I expect plenty of people will not
realize it's a beta version.  Many people will not see that it's
symlink'ed to zsh-beta and install it as a production version.
(We all know there are plenty of incompetent sysadmins out there).


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author