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Re: Default option settings

Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:
:I think that we should make the default zsh option settings more
:user-frendly.  Here are my candidates which may be turned on by default:
:Of course option settings are a question of taste.  Not everyone will like
:it but I think most of us agree that the current defaults are quite

My Opinion:
I have most of these set in my global zshrc, but one I don't support as a
default option is NO_HUP.  If people know enough to want it, fine - but for
the average user I don't believe it should be automatically enabled.
If people exit/hang up, their programs should get a HUP signal.  That's
the whole point of the system.  If they want to keep things around, they
should use disown (like me) or set NO_HUP themselves.
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