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Re: compctl-related core dump

On 27 Feb, John Harres wrote:
> I got no response to this, so I guess email to zsh-users isn't sent to
> zsh-workers...

I'm not sure if it is (I'm subscribed to both), but I've CC'd both to
make sure it gets to both.  Sorry if this produces duplicates.

> Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 16:57:29 -0700
> From: John Harres <Harres@xxxxxxxx>
> Subject: compctl-related core dump
> To: zsh-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> While working on another odd command's compctl, I got a core dump out of 
> 3.0.2.  First, the compctl:
>    compctl -x 's[-]' -k '(logical physical server database contents object as 
> type dependencies from stripe incremental stripe replace copyover merge 
> no_replace no_index indexfile sql_insert charset audits no_audits no_data 
> data_only merge no_segments on_segment cache no_cache on_index_segment 
> on_text_segment interfaces user password sybasedump masterinfo bcp_batch_size 
> db_refs dryrun code verbose no_prompt no_status quiet debug)' - \
> 'c[-1,from][-1,stripe][-1.indexfile][-1,interfaces][-1,sybasedump][-1,masterinf
> o]' -f -- dtsload
> I get a core dump when I do
> dtsload <tab>
> Note that this compctl has nothing defined for this case.  I'm not sure what
> it should do, but dumping core ain't it.

The problem isn't that there's nothing defined for that case.  The
problem is merely compctl syntax in the line:

> 'c[-1,from][-1,stripe][-1.indexfile][-1,interfaces][-1,sybasedump][-1,masterinf
Change that to "[-1,indexfile]" .

BTW, dumping core still isn't a good solution for bad compctl syntax. 
Perhaps compctl should do a syntax check when it is invoked, instead of
causing problems like this.


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