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idea of zsh feature

Dear zsh workers,
   I hope I'm not disturbing you. I'm not subscribed to any zsh list,
but I've been a happy zsh user for years.
Here are a few ideas of features, in case you didn't consider them yet:

* make a difference between an executable program not being present
 and its interpreter not being present:
if foo begins by #!/invalid/path
then zsh will complain:
zsh: no such file or directory: foo
Which means lots of time being spent figuring where the error was!

* would it be possible to dump part or all of the state of zsh
 for fast loading? I have *long* configuration files for the great zsh.
 autoload functions are not space efficient. [I've heard you already
 began binary modules -- sorry]

* Ideally, could it be possible to have a zsh-server,
 with all configuration read that would just fork on a new console?
 Under Linux, I have to spawn a zsh on a new console.
 on systems with a /dev/fd, there could even be called by a zsh-client
 such that the forked server process would "steal" the fd's from the client,
 that would wait until the forked process dies.

* Another solution might be to have a shared memory/mmapedfile
 that would contain some "global" zsh data

* Of course, default behavior should be secure, and sharing should
 happen only with an explicit flag.

Anyway, thanks for your wonderful work,
that turns Unix into an almost livable system!

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