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Re: idea of zsh feature

Rene Rideau wrote:
>* make a difference between an executable program not being present
> and its interpreter not being present:
>if foo begins by #!/invalid/path
>then zsh will complain:
>zsh: no such file or directory: foo
>Which means lots of time being spent figuring where the error was!

zsh can't really do anything about this.  It's the kernel that doesn't
distinguish between these two error conditions.  zsh could, I suppose, try
to stat(2) the executable if execve(2) returns ENOENT, but it's a kludge.

>* would it be possible to dump part or all of the state of zsh
> for fast loading? I have *long* configuration files for the great zsh.

It's been discussed, but there are some major issues to be overcome.

>* Ideally, could it be possible to have a zsh-server,
> with all configuration read that would just fork on a new console?

The new `clone' module can do this.  With a couple of enhancements, it
could be very useful for purposes like this.


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