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Re: idea of zsh feature

>>* make a difference between an executable program not being present
>> and its interpreter not being present:
> zsh can't really do anything about this.  It's the kernel that doesn't
> distinguish between these two error conditions.  zsh could, I suppose, try
> to stat(2) the executable if execve(2) returns ENOENT, but it's a kludge.
Yeah, that's precisely what I was thinking of.
Sure it's a kludge, but better a working kludge
than a non-working non-kludgy code?
This could be made a compile-time option, if you don't like it.
If you want, I could even write that code on my spare time.
Only I'm not familiar with zsh coding standards...

Other ideas:
* having built-in help modules
* Also, the user-level *path/*PATH feature,
 and/or perl-like split&join builtins
* having "functions", "declare", etc builtins properly quote characters,
 so that the output can be read back.
* Perhaps having a quote builtin on the purpose to quote all meta-characters
* having a way to make zsh very light-weight to run on linuxes with < 4Mb RAM

If I have more ideas, I'll e-mail you...

(Note: still not subscribed to any of the lists)

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