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Re: zsh web site shutting down

Responding To:	Jari Kokko <nobody@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Original Date:	23 Apr 1997 09:09:44 GMT
Message-ID: 	<5jkjko$p93$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I could probably persuade a non-profit organization to host the zsh
> home, but I'd need some facts about traffic and other resource
> requirements before I can discuss things. Unfortunately I can't be
> the maintainer of the pages, due to lack of time and a lot of extra
> activities already. Let me know if you're interested.

Actually, it seems that the pages have found a new home, at  

The folks @ peak.org have donated the web space and I am currently  
working on changing the pages over to the peak site.

Final details are not yet available, and the pages are not done  
yet, but never fear, it will be taken care of in a day or two...  
maybe three, I haven't really looked at the HTML code all that much  

I will be able to maintain the pages for at least the next year,  
and hopefully longer...


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