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Re: test patches

> Some remarks on the 3.0.3-test5 patch:
> The FAQ diff isn't included.  No biggie, but people should be aware that
> they'll still have last December's FAQ if all they do is patch.

The FAQ diff is bigger than the FAQ itself, and that's only a test patch.
I'll include it in the final patch.

> I'm curious:  What's the point of removing functions like setcurjob()
> and inlining their code in the function that calls them?  We're surely

It was not removed, just moved to jobs.c.  You can notice that pieces of
builtins.c are trying to find new place.  In zsh-3.0.3 builtin.c is 145464
bytes long, while in 3.1.2 it is only 84611 bytes.

> There still doesn't appear to be a test in init.c for the case where
> the system supports TIOCGWINSZ but the rows and columns value in the
> shttyinfo.winsize structure are both zero.  In that case we ought to
> be using the row and column sizes from the termcap or terminfo entry?

The test is done in zlevarsetfn() in params.c.


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