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Re: Completion bug introduced in 3.0.3

> I use autolist and automenu, so zsh should now print the possible matches
> (in this case, m1000 and m980), but it does more than that: It adds a copy
> of the uncompleted line to the script.  This copy also appears on the screen:

That's probably the same bug for which Peter sent a fix earlier, which is
included below.  Please try this, and tell me if it fixes your problem or
not.  There will be a zsh-3.0.5 release, and that's one of the reasons
that zsh-3.0.4 was not announced on zsh-announce.

> Another thing:  I use a TCL script that sets its stdout stream to
> non-blocking.  This somehow affects zsh, as all interactive commands
> started after the TCL script (like "ftp" or "more") immediately terminate
> upon trying to get some user input:
>   ingo@icicle:~> tclsh
>   % fconfigure stdout -blocking 0
>   % exit
>   ingo@icicle:~> ftp
>   ingo@icicle:~>              <-- zsh prompt, ftp terminated immediatly

That one I cannot reproduce.  Does this happen with zsh-3.0.4?  Does this
happen when you use ttyctl -f before calling tclsh?  If it doesn't, what
stty shows without ttyctl -f after running tclsh?  I guess you also have
to use ftp with readline to get this problem.  Could you reprocude the
problem starting zsh with the -f option?


*** Src/Zle/zle_utils.c.sc	Sun Jun  1 07:50:52 1997
--- Src/Zle/zle_utils.c	Thu Jun 26 11:06:10 1997
*** 75,81 ****
  	line[to] = line[to + cnt];
!     ll = to;
--- 75,81 ----
  	line[to] = line[to + cnt];
!     line[ll = to] = '\0';

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