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Re: Completion bug introduced in 3.0.3

On Jul 2, 12:51am, Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:
} Subject: Re: Completion bug introduced in 3.0.3
} > Another thing:  I use a TCL script that sets its stdout stream to
} > non-blocking.  This somehow affects zsh, as all interactive commands
} > started after the TCL script (like "ftp" or "more") immediately terminate

I meant to mention this before ...

It's an extremely bad idea for any program to set a tty device for non-
blocking I/O.  This doesn't "somehow affect zsh," it affects the modes
of the file descriptor associated with the tty; which happens to be a
dup of the one zsh continues using for future processes, and therefore
it affects those processes as well.

I don't know why bash and tcsh don't show the problem -- either they are
explicitly resetting the blocking state, or they are using a different
scheme for setting up the stdin/out/err descriptors when they create
children.  (It's possible that they're using /dev/fd/ or /proc/$$/fd/
rather than dup().)

I don't think ttyctl -f is going to have any effect on this, because the
non-blocking I/O ioctl isn't one that's done through the tty driver
structures; a quick grep through the zsh sources doesn't reveal any
likely-looking calls.

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