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German Umlauts still don't work

Hi all,

the German Umlaut problem I brought up a few days ago is more  
difficult to solve than expected.

Peter Stephenson suggested to patch utils.c which is the only  
source file in zsh making use of isprint(c) which delivers incorrect  
results for NEXTSTEP.

I tried that, but it didn't change a thing. Obviously there is  
another part of the zsh source that's limiting zsh's behaviour; it's  
definitely *not* the isprint(c) part (which would be easy to  
replace by the correct NXIsPrint(c) for the NEXTSTEP version, BTW).

Does anyone have an idea where to look? Because of the pathnames on  
my system (which I can't change for various reasons) I really NEED  
those Umlauts... :-(

Thank you!



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