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Re: German Umlauts still don't work

On Jul 3,  3:52am, Uli Zappe wrote:
} Subject: German Umlauts still don't work
} the German Umlaut problem I brought up a few days ago is more  
} difficult to solve than expected.
} Peter Stephenson suggested to patch utils.c which is the only  
} source file in zsh making use of isprint(c) which delivers incorrect  
} results for NEXTSTEP.

I presume you also did `setopt PRINTEIGHTBIT` after applying that patch?
Just checking ...

} I tried that, but it didn't change a thing. Obviously there is  
} another part of the zsh source that's limiting zsh's behaviour; it's  
} definitely *not* the isprint(c) part (which would be easy to  
} replace by the correct NXIsPrint(c) for the NEXTSTEP version, BTW).

Is the symptom that the characters display as \M-a, or simply that they
lose the umlauts?  What's your `stty -a` output?

} Does anyone have an idea where to look?

With some grepping, I can't find any output of file names that doesn't
pass through the right functions, except fprintdir() which seems to always
output the raw string (so it can't be accidentally \M-ifying it).

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