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Re: German Umlauts still don't work

> } Peter Stephenson suggested to patch utils.c which is the only  
> } source file in zsh making use of isprint(c) which delivers incorrect  
> } results for NEXTSTEP.
> } Does anyone have an idea where to look?


> With some grepping, I can't find any output of file names that doesn't
> pass through the right functions, except fprintdir() which seems to always
> output the raw string (so it can't be accidentally \M-ifying it).

Actually, many functions use icntrl(), especially zle_refresh.c.  I
wanted to mention this right after Peter posted his patch, but I just
wanted to post the right fix with this answer.  Sorry.  I think that this
whole chechking stuff should be done with typtab, and typtab should be
modified according to the localle and the printeightbit option.  And
isprint should only be used to set up typtab.  Probably we can set up
typtab so that we can assume that isprint() is equivalent to !ictrl().


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author