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Re: German Umlauts still don't work

Bart Schaefer wrote:

> I presume you also did `setopt PRINTEIGHTBIT` after applying that
> patch? Just checking ...

Yes I did :-)

> Is the symptom that the characters display as \M-a, or simply
> that they lose the umlauts?

The characters are lost (but only <AE>, <OE> and <UE> (the capital  
ones), <ae>, <oe>, <ue> and <ss> work).

Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:

> Actually, many functions use icntrl(), especially zle_refresh.c.
> I wanted to mention this right after Peter posted his patch, but
> I just wanted to post the right fix with this answer.  Sorry.

Can we still hope for that patch? ;-)

>  I think that this whole chechking stuff should be done with
> typtab, and typtab should be modified according to the localle
> and the printeightbit option.  And isprint should only be used
> to set up typtab.  Probably we can set up typtab so that we can
> assume that isprint() is equivalent to !ictrl().

>From a NEXTSTEP point of view, it is certainly preferable to make  
use of the correct NXIsPrint (or NXIsCntrl) function instead of  
permitting *all* 8 bit characters via a printeightbit option.

I can't judge how this is with other operating systems.

Maybe it's possible to make this configurable so that for every  
operating system one can choose whatever way is best for it to  
decide what is printable?



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