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Re: Zsh archives

On Jul 8, 10:01am, Geoff Wing wrote:
} Subject: Zsh archives
} Andrew Main <zefram@xxxxxxxxx> typed:
} :I have been off-net for the past week, due to moving house.  Can someone
} :let me know where the list archives are, or alternatively summarise
} :any important events since the 27th of June?  Please note the new email
} :address: my Warwick address will shortly disappear.
} http://www.peak.org/zsh/ should say somewhere.

None of the archive sites listed on the zsh pages have anything newer than
last February; some of the archives listed have nothing newer than 1995.
I was looking for a lost patch a couple weeks ago, and ended up recreating
it from my memory and the debugger (it was a very small patch).

} Otherwise, try  http://www.primenet.com.au/zsh/    with the trailing slash

Now THAT is useful.

Bart Schaefer                                 Brass Lantern Enterprises
http://www.well.com/user/barts              http://www.brasslantern.com

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