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Re: Initial path completion option

Bruce Stephens wrote:
> pws@xxxxxx said:
> > I suppose ideally you should be able to specify a list of directories 
> > to -W.
> I *think* that would be cool.  I'm not sure I understand much of this, but 
> would it make the existing cdpath completion semi-trivial?

Yes, it ought to do just that.  In fact, if you use standard colon-path

compctl -/ -W $CDPATH cd

or if you use space-separated words (this is currently built into -g,
actually, though I suspect not a lot of people know that),

compctl -/ -W "$cdpath" cd

which is quite a good argument for (eventually) implementing it.
(I've oversimplified, you need a '-x "S[/][~]" -/ --' as well, since -W
hijacks everything.)

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