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Re: Current state of 3.1.2

wjf103@xxxxxxxxxx said:
> Does anyone have a 'clean' version of zsh 3.1.2 with all the 
> 'official' patches applied? I have had problems with my email and 
> missed many patches. 

Is there such a thing as an official patch?  This would be really useful, 
though.  Perhaps keep the zsh-RCS.tar.gz up to date, assuming Zoltan has such 
a thing himself?  (With the caveat that sometimes this would be broken, but 
hackers can live with that.)  Or use some kind of distributed CVS setup, as 
some projects are said to do, where a select group has modify access, but the 
rest of us just get to watch; that's probably more effort than it's worth, 

Perhaps there could be some way of archiving just the patches posted to 
zsh-workers, in an order that they could be applied to the latest test 
version? This would typically just involve those sending patches to put an 
indication in the header of their mail ("Subject: PATCH ...", or something), 
with the occasional intervention needed when people supply incompatible 

zsh-workers is archived, of course, but last time I tried, it was non-trivial 
to find the patches.

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