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Re: Current state of 3.1.2

	Author:        Bruce Stephens <B.Stephens@xxxxxxxxx>
	Original-Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 15:43:38 +0100
	Message-ID:    <199710081443.KAA27464@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Perhaps there could be some way of archiving just the patches posted to
> zsh-workers, in an order that they could be applied to the latest test
> version? This would typically just involve those sending patches to put an 
> indication in the header of their mail ("Subject: PATCH ...", or
> something), with the occasional intervention needed when people supply
> incompatible patches.

Maybe I can chime in here.

It would be child's play for me to set this up somewhere under the ZSH web  
page @ PEAK.org (http://www.peak.org/zsh/).  I already have an email-2-html  
setup there.

The easiest way would be if we could agree to send patches to 'zsh@xxxxxxxx'  
(another address for me).  That way no one has to remember any special  
Subjects and it would be easy enough to do (just CC that address when you  
send in a patch).
	Upside: no non-Patches would show up, trivial to maintain
	Downside: if you don't remember to send it there, it doesn't get

If it was deemed better to use a certain Subject: header such as PATCH that  
would be fine too
	Upside: only have to remember one address
	Downside: have to remember the right Subject header

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