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Archiving patches (Was: Current state of 3.1.2)

Timothy J Luoma <luomat+zsh+users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
:The easiest way would be if we could agree to send patches to 'zsh@xxxxxxxx'  
:(another address for me).  That way no one has to remember any special  
:Subjects and it would be easy enough to do (just CC that address when you  
:send in a patch).
:	Upside: no non-Patches would show up, trivial to maintain
:	Downside: if you don't remember to send it there, it doesn't get
:		added

Downside: lazy/ignorant people don't remove Cc: lines so you get lots of
          followups which aren't always relevant, and you can't just weed out
	  messages which reference other valid patches because they may be
	  patches too.  Then you get lots of people who won't put proper 
	  Subject lines on when the topic changes.

:If it was deemed better to use a certain Subject: header such as PATCH that  
:would be fine too
:	Upside: only have to remember one address
:	Downside: have to remember the right Subject header
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