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Re: User-defined completion listing

On Nov 21, 10:26am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Re: User-defined completion listing
} ...  It's easy to get -X to substitute a variable, too,
} when it has a $ in front, but maybe it would be preferable to have
} double-quoted expansion instead?

My suggestion had been that -X would stay as it is, but -Y would do the
double-quote expansion.  I'd pick some other letter for alteration of
the listing ... what else is not taken yet?  h, i, M, t, V, W, and y.

Good grief, that means there are 44 options to compctl right now (45 if
you count Peter's -Y), plus all the pattern-matching tags for -x.  Eek.

Anyway, I guess I'd go with -Y and one of -y or -W for what we're talking
about now.  Doesn't really matter which means which.  Or you could do all
three; use -y and -Y like -k and -K, except for modifying the listing,
and use -W as an expanding -X.

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