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Re: zsh reference card[s]

Bruce Stephens wrote:
> Great!  I think the only thing that's missing is a description of the command
> line editing keys.  That's something that would be suitable for a reference 
> card, I'd have thought.

Maybe there's even enough for a separate card, there are a lot of keys,
and even more functions, and when the new zle mechanisms become
standard a zle card will be pretty useful.  What's better, one huge
document or two smaller ones? It could be three with builtins, which would
probably be a good idea to include since there are plenty of commands like
read and print where I can never remember the options.  (I don't suppose
anyone apart from Sven and Zefram knows all the options for compctl.)

> Also, if you just print it out, the text looks very big.  It would be 
> comfortable printed 2-up, IMHO.  That may be personal taste, however.

You're probably right, it's just standard 10pt.  I'm sure the Emacs version
is smaller (I didn't start from that because I was too lazy to fit everything
in columns myself and left it up to LaTeX).  I'll have a look at making
it 9pt (or 8pt, 7pt?) at some stage.

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