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Re: zsh reference card[s]

pws@xxxxxx said:
> What's better, one huge document or two smaller ones? It could be
> three with builtins, which would probably be a good idea to include
> since there are plenty of commands like read and print where I can
> never remember the options.  (I don't suppose anyone apart from Sven
> and Zefram knows all the options for compctl.)

Probably separate ones.  What's in the current one is great: they're all 
things I'm likely to want to look up without necessarily needing the manpage.  
I did think of compctl, but if I'm doing anything with that, I'm probably 
going to need the manpage anyway.  (Obviously, this will vary from person to 

Using LaTeX rather than hacked TeX is better as far as I'm concerned.  Lots of 
the GNU documentation is lovely, but I'd like it using postscript fonts (so it 
will re-scale nicely) which is still non-trivial to do.

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