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_urls ... and CVS

Bart Schaefer (schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> On Oct 15,  5:05pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> } Subject: Re: PATCH: _urls again (Re: setopt localoptions noautoremoveslash
> }
> } The patch is correct: extendedglob is required by _urls.
> The patch is broken at my end by line folding in transit ... but it's
> also subsumed by Tanaka's 8286.

Can some kind person please email me correctly-patched _urls?  Mine
got badly messed up somehow.

Ouch, I'm getting desperate for CVS now.  Since Bart and Sven are
probably currently the most active developers, perhaps they would like
to decide what to do about it?  As has been mentioned, either we keep
following the `benign dictatorship' route by someone taking over pws'
role, or we have a select few developers with write-access to the CVS
repository.  Or we ditch the whole CVS idea, but it doesn't seem like
anyone thinks it's anything other than a good idea.

What would be really nice is to incorporate some kind of moderation
layer into the CVS commit wrappers, so that anyone could perform a CVS
commit, but it would only take place after the patch had been mailed
to one or more moderators for approval.  Is that unrealistic?

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