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Re: PATCH: files attributes not colored by complist

Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
>Personally I don't like this at all. But maybe we can hear other

I don't normally used coloured ls or completion listings at all.  However...

In the absence of special background colours, I find the GNU ls style,
with only the filename coloured, to be much more pleasant.  If backgrounds
are used, I see your point; perhaps we should allow the colours for
the type characters and spaces to be set separately.  OTOH, the people
that are setting background colours here are those that have taken the
time to configure it themselves; they're already using colour ls, and
so probably do want the GNU behaviour.

Another thought: we don't need to be compatible, but we shouldn't
be gratuitously incompatible either.  [Z]LS_COLORS strings should be


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