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Re: PATCH: AIX .export files

Sorry for being a bit slow to reply to these - I've been quite busy at
work recently.

Bart Schaefer wrote:

> Well, one last thing to try before hacking more vigorously is
>         print locals

That worked - brilliant. I've attached the patch to make that change.

> } What options should I be using with patch. The patch I'm using (which is
> That's odd; it applied straightaway for me.  Did you use -p0 ?

I didn't use -p0 - I was using -p1. I didn't think properly when I read
the man page. I've had problems with patches before and that must have
been the problem. Thanks.

Sven wrote:

> > I've also attached a patch to the .export files for compiling on AIX.
> I've looked through them and moved some of symbols around and removed
> some duplicates. The patch also moves `printfmt()' to `zle_tricky.c',
> it's still used there, sorry for thi

I applied your patch and got unresolved symbols when building
complist.so. These symbols turned out to be all listed in zle.export. I
altered the Src/Zle/Makefile so that the EXPIMP_complist = line included
a reference to import zle.export. Zsh then compiled without any further
problems. Obviously the Makefile is auto-generated so a patch to it
isn't the proper fix. I don't understand the whole make setup so I'm not
sure what is - adding zle to complist.mdd's moddeps might be?

Oliver Kiddle

--- Src/makepro.awk	Thu Apr 15 19:14:21 1999
+++ Src/makepro.awk.bak	Mon Nov  8 12:05:56 1999
@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@
 	printf "\n"
 	printf "#ifndef GLOBAL_PROTOTYPES\n"
 	printf "\n"
-	printf locals
+	print locals
 	printf "\n"
 	printf "#endif /* !GLOBAL_PROTOTYPES */\n"

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