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Re: zsh-announce moderators still alive?

Zefram (zefram@xxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Adam Spiers wrote:
> >I just had two emails I sent to zsh-announce returned to me, because
> >no moderators had acted on them in time.  Are there any moderators out
> >there?  What should I do?
> I'm still a moderator, and I'm here.  I deliberately abstained on the
> question of whether your messages were suitable for -announce.  (On the
> whole I think they wouldn't be of much interest outside -workers.)

Hmm.  I'd be inclined to say that, on the contrary, they wouldn't be
of much interest /inside/ -workers, since everyone on workers is
either using the public CVS tree, or keeping track of the patches
themselves.  And it's a well-known phenomenon that these days there
are lots of people who like to live on the bleeding edge without
necessarily actively participating in development, usually because
they like having all the latest bells and whistles.  Many software
projects spring to my mind which make daily snapshot tarballs (and
even binary builds) available for this reason.  I also already know
several people that make use of these snapshots.

The only serious problem I see with zsh is that the number of people
that use it doesn't do justice to its quality.  I would like to see it
having much more exposure to the community in general; personally I
find it a crying shame that not many people reap the benefits of such
a wonderful shell, but even if a developer isn't particularly bothered
by this, he should still agree that exposure is a good thing simply
because this means more testing of the code.  This all applies
/especially/ to the development version, since the `bleeding edge
fans' I mentioned above are a particularly valuable resource to
developers if harnessed properly.

So that's why I bothered setting up these snapshots, and considering
the ahem, not exactly high level of traffic on zsh-announce, why I
thought it would be worthwhile mentioning there.  I guess I'll just
mention it on zsh-users instead.

Sorry, I keep diluting the patch/post ratio.  I'll shut up now :-)

P.S. No answers about the out of date website yet?

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