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Re: PATCH: mod_export keyword

Bart Schaefer wrote:
>I can't say that I like this very much from a coding style perspective.
>Wouldn't it have been equally effective to, for example, change the
>leading comment marker from /**/ to /*export*/ for these symbols?

Funnily enough, I remember originally using /*L*/ to mark local symbols.
Now they have the same comment marker, and makepro.awk picks up on the
"static", which avoids having to indicate the same thing twice.  I used
a pseudo-keyword here to make it all consistent -- each declaration
starts with a keyword (or lack thereof) to indicate its scope, and /**/
is there strictly to draw makepro.awk's attention to relevant lines.
I see your point -- mod_export is effectively modifying the language --
but I'd rather keep it consistent.  And we are in fact extending the
language with this extra scope; I'd rather that was invoked through a
keyword than through magic comments.


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