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Re: PATCH: Previous zsh.yo.in patch wasn't good enough

On Dec 5,  4:56pm, I wrote:
} } Then a sed over that generates zsh.texi in the build tree, with the
} } transformed name in the appropriate place.  We run makeinfo on that.
} The easiest way to do this is to get rid of the "%.info: $(tzsh).texi"
} rule and simply have "install.info: $(sdir)/zsh.texi.in".

Two things:

First, of course I mean "install.info: zsh.texi" and have another rule
for generating zsh.texi from zsh.texi.in.

Second, it just occurred to me that having program name transforms apply
to the documentation changes the results of "make targz-doc" from the top
level directory; in fact, without hacking .distfiles during the build,
"make targz-doc" won't work at all with a transformed program name.

Maybe that's OK, as we don't really want someone distributing a tar file
with transformed names in the documentation, but it's a point to note.

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