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Re: PATCH: Previous zsh.yo.in patch wasn't good enough

Bart Schaefer wrote:
>Second, it just occurred to me that having program name transforms apply
>to the documentation changes the results of "make targz-doc" from the top
>level directory; in fact, without hacking .distfiles during the build,
>"make targz-doc" won't work at all with a transformed program name.

This is a good, but not conclusive, argument against doing name
transformations for the documentation: we want the documentation tarball
to be build-independent.  OTOH, we can reasonably assume that developers
will not use a transformed name to build it.

We should build all documentation using the untransformed name.
This makes the files that go into -doc.tar.gz.  The only exception to
this is the info files, which need to be rebuilt if the name changes.
I think we can reasonably distribute zsh.texi as we used to, with
zsh.info(|-<->) in -doc.tar.gz, and then have an extra rule that if
building with a transformed name, then the info files *also* get built
with the transformed name, and it is those info files that get installed.


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