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Re: _match (or _style) problem

Andrej Borsenkow wrote:

> After discovering, that Zsh happily ignored ~/.zsh-styles after having created
> it :-) I finally got back my settings and found, that _match works funny:

compconf() creates that *and* executes the settings in it (directly,
without dotting the file). If you want a separate file, you can source 
it directly, but I would be against making this mandatory (or even the 
default), because no other zsh stuff does that (as far as I know).

> bor@itsrm2:/tools/src/make-3.78.1%> l *.h_style:15: command not found:
> insert-unambiguous=no
> acconfig.h
> acconfig.h   config.h     getopt.h     rule.h       vmsdir.h
> amiga.h      dep.h        job.h        signame.h
> commands.h   filedef.h    make.h       variable.h
> Where currently I have
> bor@itsrm2:/tools/src/make-3.78.1%> compstyle
> :correct
>     accept = '2n'
>     prompt = 'correct to:'
> :match
>     original = 'yes'
>     insert-unambiguous = 'yes'
> :oldlist
>     list = '_match'
> *:paths
>     cursor = 'yes'
> *
>     verbose = 'yes'
>     prefix-needed = 'yes'
>     prefix-hidden = 'no'
>     completer = '_oldlist' '_complete' '_match'

I'm not at all sure, what you mean... *When* do you get that error
message? And does you .zsh-style look like the above or like the
output of `compstyle -L'? And do you have a file matching *.h_style?
Or did you mean .*h-styles? That at least works fine for me...


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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