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Development versions

Two points:

1.  I meant to mention this yesterday, sorry:  difficulties some people are
having with getting the latest version seem to be due to wget, as Tanaka
Akira noted with supanet; from a message from Bart, it seems that the same
problem (wget is adding a port number which the server doesn't expect) is
happening at freeserve.  Presumably this is because they are using a server
provided by you-know-who.

2.  Geoff just asked me why I didn't send the latest version to the main
archive in a special directory.  The real answer is that I was worried
about extra traffic due to mirroring versions which are only going to be
there a week or two.  But if enough people are using them anyway --- or if
even more people would use them if they found them on the official mirrors
--- maybe this isn't a problem.  I could (as Richard used to do) make the
directory unbrowsable, so you could only retrieve the file if it was there,
but this would mean everyone getting the file from Australia, although
that's not much of a difficulty nowadays.  Maybe other people have strong
views.  The only real difficulty might be that I don't know what my ISP
would do with the 2MB mail files the current procedure would need, but I
imagine with people sending their MPEG home videos to relatives in
Venezuela that's not a problem either.

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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