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Re: Cygwin: environ problem

I'll reply to both cygwin-related messages in one go:

Andrej wrote:
> We _could_try_ to directly manipulate __cygwin_environ, but I do not
> like it - who knows, where and how it is used. BTW comments imply, that
> DLLs should actually refer to __cygwin_environ :-)

Without some major rewriting, we may have to: the export-related machinery
assumes it has direct control of the (new) environment's memory.  This is
certainly a contender for the problems people have been seeing.  Strange it
usually works, though.

>> I have English Win2k with Russian locale set, and russian
>> characters are
>> shown as ? in ls output. While this is definitely Cygwin problem, Zsh
>> (often) completely hangs when completing such name ... sorry, it just
>> takes hours (well, a bit less :-) to give listing. It is so
>> slow, that I
>> really had impression it was hung.
> While figuring out environ problem, I got a look at locale
> implementation in Cygwin. There is no :-) setlocale() is just a stub
> function that accepts "C" as locale name and nothing more. It does
> nothing :-))) And locale table contains only ASCII support. So, I
> wonder, how can it work correclty even for ISO-8859-1 charset.

Is there any chance this could be network-related?  My desktop PC has lots
of Samba-mounted drives in various paths, and completion is an absolute
pig, at least until things are cached.  I installed cygwin and zsh onto
someone's notebook this week, with no network dependencies, obviously, and
it's as fast as `normal', whatever normal means for a UNIX porting layer on
top of NT.  There are no serious network problems here which could cause
the difference if everything's running properly.

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